Detail what you bring!

Come and spend the day down at the UBV institute of detailing…

This package was inspired by Auto Finesse, our good friends and associates within the industry! They offer an exceptionally well-known package where you take your own vehicle and spend a day detailing it with one of their onsite professionals.

So, we bring you our version!

Firstly, you’ll wash and decontaminate your car with one of our onsite professionals. Allow us to show you our way of deep cleaning the exterior and interior and what products we use and recommend for impeccable and efficient results!

Let’s get your car inside, then move forward with safe drying methods, clay baring, and some safe protection processes (waxes and sealants). After that, we can delve deep into the interior deep cleaning stages and even interior protection!

Ahh, but you wanted to use polishers? Course you did… it’s not professional of us to let you loose on your own car with a polisher, nor will you learn a thing. So how about while your cars sat looking all pretty under our studio lights, we take you into our polisher and product room (the UBV artillery). We’ll set up a test bonnet and talk you through all forms of polishers, their uses and pad and product combinations.

(This is not a training day. If you require in-depth one to one knowledge on correcting paint and business help, this isn’t for you).

Priced at £395 per person.