Learn the art of paint perfection

So, you’ve mastered valeting, and now it’s paint perfection that you have in your sights.

We have 18 years of professional experience!

On top of our experience, we have multiple show-winning details and 500+ trainees under our belt, so you can be sure you’re in the right place!

 Are you an aspiring studio based detailer or aiming to be a mobile detail master? We’ve got you covered; you can choose where you learn on the day. 

We can make any option work with our vast contacts and clientele, whatever best suits your preferences or business model.

On the day you will learn:
  • Safe wash process
  • 5 stage decontamination process in order to achieve maximum fresh pour paint clarity in preparation for machine polishing
  • How to correctly wipe down, inspect, read and understand paint depth measurements
  • Spotting smart repairs, wheel refurbs, and potential dangers you may face as an aspiring detailer who doesn’t want their career over before its begun
  • Dual action polishers and their uses
  • The best combinations to achieve cut and refine
  • Gloss black pillar cut and refine
  • Headlight / tail light polishing
  • Safe wipe down and clean off techniques
  • Sealants and waxes
  • and much more…

This is the perfect package for someone who wants to widen their skillset and bulk up their bank balance by adding enhancement and minor correction details to their service list! 

Throughout the day, you’ll capture pictures and videos so you can go away with some ready-made content, specifically for your social media. We’ll never share your images without your permission. 

Complete novice? Nervous about taking a powerful polisher to a car? Don’t worry, we provide test panels and stands so you can really open a polisher up and build that confidence.

10am – 4pm
£399.99 +VAT

A deposit of £50 is required to secure any booking and will be taken off the total on the day. No booking is secure without deposit.

Important: Please read terms and conditions by clicking here.

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