Lease Return Valet

This is a straight to the point package, ideal for anyone returning a lease car to avoid added costs at the end of your lease deal!

With this package, your car will be put right and straightened out before its traded in or sold. 

Please remember to read the terms and conditions before booking
This package includes
  • Full back to front wheel clean
  • Exhaust tyres and arches clean
  • Full pre wash and snow foam
  • Two bucket safe wash method 
  • Liquid decontamination process 
  • Vehicle dried off
  • Engine bay manual steam clean
  • IPA wipe down
  • Non correctional machine polish to hide swirls and add gloss
  • Sealant applied 
  • Interior hoover, steam clean and extraction 
  • Stains removed, smells gone and interior deodorised 
  • Door shuts cleaned 
  • Tyres and arches dressed 
  • All windows cleaned


Fiat 500 –
Fiesta 5 door



Audi A3 –
Audi A4



Range Rover Evoque – Mercedes S Class



Range Rover Sport – Transit Van


Optional Extras

Wheels off and arches


Engine Bay Steam Clean


Wheels Ceramic Coated


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