Change the Game

Spend 5 days at the UBV institute of detailing while we take you through it all! 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never washed a car, or whether you’re a mobile or unit based detailer who’s just lost traction and love for the trade. We’ve got you covered!

Come see how we do it, and the processes that we follow that have led us to being mentioned in the UK & USA media for our achievements.

This course focuses solely on step-by-step skill building, evolving those skills into profitable packages, and learning to market and sell your new found skills. 

Master skills and make the money you deserve

Day One

We usually begin the course working with a demo car that needs some serious attention.

We’ll start by removing the wheels and various other components to get right in, and clean where isn’t always seen, but always needed!

  • Jack up and remove wheels safely
  • Decontaminate under arches / wheels
  • Deep clean engine bay
  • Safe wash and decontamination process
  • Glass deep cleaning and decontamination
  • Clay barring process
  • Interior deep cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Wet vac process
  • Waxes and sealants
  • Glass protection
  • Ceramic wheel protection

Day Two

Day two, we take you out in the war machines, aka the two heavily modified vans nicknamed “the boost buses”. 

Come with us as they make a scene on the streets of Merseyside, Liverpool, and see how we do things mobile.

  • Van and equipment daily checks.
  • Stock checking and working out costs of your mobile cleans.
  • Greeting clients (this is super important).
  • Understanding public liability and potential risks.
  • Laws of insurance and traffic around a mobile set up.
  • Diet plans and keeping yourself fit for mobile.
  • Working from the van, ensuring time is money.
  • Canopy setup.
  • How to overcome bad weather.
  • Correct clothing for mobile.
  • Ceramic coat while out mobile.

Day Three

Day 3 is about getting you on the machines, getting you into that vital transition from a “car cleaner” to a professional detailer. 

You’ll learn to cut, refine and enhance paint to the highest level all on a real car, at the HQ!

  • First things first, as a confidence building exercise we’ll show you how to damage paint, burn through, and do your absolute worst. And then how to fix it.
  • We start on test bonnets, getting to grips with all machines.
  • The Dual action polisher, it’s uses, and combinations.
  • Conquer the Forced rotation polisher, the one referred to as your best friend once you know how to use it, or your worst enemy if you don’t.
  • Tackle the sweet science of the rotary machine, and it’s hot and heavy approach.
  • Get in tight with nano machines, shaft extensions and cone pads.
  • Correct real life car panels with your instructor using all the above tools to gain understanding and perfection.

Day Four

Pick up where we left off on day 3. Back on the vehicle you cut and enhanced the day before. But this time, you’ll sand it down and bring it back to life with a different skin! 

Learn to remove texture and orange peel, remove seriously deep scratches using many wet and dry techniques, and advance your skill set to the highest level. We’ll apply ceramic coatings, and then learn how to remove them.

  • Start on test bonnets, seeing what can go wrong when sanding, and how to spot it before hand.
  • Let’s go through various equipment, blocks, palm sanders, and different grades of sanding paper and pads.
  • We’ll prep a real vehicle for sanding, and spend the afternoon sanding the texture and bringing back a whole new gloss level.
  • Learn to sand off ceramic coatings, incase the worst ever happens, or you’re being paid to fix what other detailers can’t by removing their ceramic blunders.
  • We’ll use and apply 10h level ceramic coatings

Day Five

It’s all well and good teaching you all these fancy new skills, but without correct marketing and social media training, how are you meant to go off and make some money? 

Day 5 is is spent upstairs in our office, getting to grips with the money side of things. Top tip: Make sure you get some sleep the evening before! Liam, our founder and 6 figure serial entrepreneur, decorated for his achievements in the UK & USA media, and Madison, our social media and marketing manager will teach you EVERYTHING there is to know about how to correctly market yourself as a detailer.

  • We demonstrate how to make selling content, focused around your brand.
  • We teach you about the market, and how to spot its changes.
  • We will help you to make packages and prices, so you don’t need to hire someone else or stress about it when you leave us.
  • Together we research your area, and even show you personally how to contact potential clients from your smart phone.
  • We’ll build you a business plan to stick to and gain yourself results from the get go.

With this package you get free aftercare for life. Direct WhatsApp help and an endless amount of guidance should you need or even just desire it.

You’ll become listed on our website as an approved UBV trainee, which holds serious weight in our industry.

9am – 5pm each day
£2999 +VAT

A deposit of £100 is required to secure any booking and will be taken off the total on the day. No booking is secure without deposit.

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