Mobile training, designed to take you from hobbyist, to viable business

Valeting and detailing may sound like a great job, especially if you take pride in cleaning your own car… but a career in valeting takes much more than just enthusiasm.

All too often, hobbyists jump headfirst, investing money to build a career, but not taking into account the less obvious overheads and bills that come with it… making a profit becomes impossible.

Sound familiar? Keep reading… I will teach you how to be the best you can be, whilst building a viable business.

I will show you exactly how I gained my clientele and what things helped me grow to become UBV the king of car care.

Showing and training others to enjoy my passion, is also my passion!

For any extra information on becoming a master mobile detailer please contact Liam today on  07802610585.

You may already be aware, Urban Valets is the leading mobile valeting and detailing company in the UK today, with a lengthy waiting list of exclusive and loyal clients, and a well-decorated list of approved, accredited and certified statuses.

Urban Valets was the first to offer fully mobile detailer training. I’m sure you’ve heard of unit-based training? If you aren’t going to operate in a unit, why train in one? Light sources, polishing and general methods are different when outside, you need to be ready for action.

If you do want to go straight into unit-based detailing, no worries, I have you covered. Urban Valets played a key role in a historical detailing event, the largest group studio detail ever to happen, over at the autofinesse academy (as seen on YouTube).

So not only can I do both, I can teach you it all too!

My training days start from £399 for a full day or a discounted rate of £1,149 for a three–day masterclass with UBV certification. Beginner with absolutely no experience? No problem, why not opt for a 5 day masterclass? £1,949 Monday to Friday! 

Everything is done the correct way. I don’t cut corners and you won’t be starting off with amateur tools. In at the deep end, with rupes polishers (full range), you’ll be shown the ropes, safely and professionally, using only professional-grade products. 

I will tell you what works, show you it works, and teach you to do it. Sounds good? Keep reading

Single day masterclass:

A full working day, 9–5pm

Starting with the correct basic safe wash techniques and decontamination.

Moving swiftly on to polishers, their differences and uses.

We then discuss basic valeting techniques, money-saving methods and business strategies.

Have a burning question? It’s your day! You tell me what you’d like to learn

3–5 day masterclass:

The ultimate training package

In this training programme I can cover almost everything valeting / detailing, depending on how fast you grasp it. Everyone is different and I’ll always work at your pace.

We will cover:

  • Safe washing
  • Decontamination
  • Polishing
  • Uses of polishers
  • Using all polishers
  • Wet sanding
  • Dry sanding
  • Scratch removal
  • Orange peel removal/texture
  • Application of ceramic
  • Paint depth measurements
  • The right products for the right paint
  • Single-stage paint
  • Pad combinations
  • Deep cleaning
  • All valeting aspects
  • Safe removal of parts
  • Safe jacking points and removing of wheels

On the final day, I offer the opportunity to join me on a live job. I’ll test what you’ve learned, experiencing a typical mobile detailers days work BUT with curveballs and added problems, that you WILL face in your career as a mobile valeter and detailer. 

Providing you understand the fundamentals, soak up the knowledge and get a grasp of the techniques that I teach you, you will be awarded with an exclusive UBV certificate of completion along with a media asset pack that you can add to your marketing material.


Deep Cleaning Training

Up and down the country we have many happy customers who have experienced our infamous UBV deep clean package. Now you can find out why…

We are offering the chance to join one of our team for the day, on the road, as we tackle an exterior and interior deep clean! Experience first-hand and join in with team UBV as we go through our safe wash procedure with decontamination stages.

Then get involved as we dig deep into a seriously soiled interior, bringing the vehicle back to life the UBV way!

Stick with us as we protect the vehicle from the elements and follow up with general tips and methods on the best ways to present yourself or your business.

We class this as our entry level training option. It’s designed for the enthusiast car cleaner or a start-up valeting company who want to offer luxury-level valeting from the get-go! The deep cleaning training is usually presented to you with our staff member Ben, and in our state-of-the-art transit connect maintenance vehicle.

Prices are £175. The day normally starts at 9am and will last till 4pm. Price is based on location being in the Liverpool or Merseyside area, we can come to you, but prices may vary on location