New Car / Winter Protection

The package that gives your vehicle 2-3 years added protection and self cleaning properties.

This package includes the FULL infamous UBV deep clean but with a twist! It offers the added benefits of hiding some paint swirl defects with an infill polish, then locking in that deep glowing presence with hard coatings.

We add a 2-3 year hard ceramic coating over the infill, offering unbeatable protection and water beading. As standard, we also provide window and wheels ceramic protection, ensuring the full vehicle is ready for the elements.

This package is perfect as winter protection but also is excellent as a new car protection package, avoiding paying higher costs for dealer protections from inexperienced hands.

Or, great to give any car a new lease of life!

This package entitles you to join our maintenance scheme. And if maintained by us, we offer a guarantee on the coatings life span.
Please remember to read the terms and conditions before booking


Fiat 500 –
Fiesta 5 door



Audi A3 –
Audi A4



Range Rover Evoque – Mercedes S Class



Range Rover Sport – Transit Van


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