Welcome to Urban Valets power talks! UBV's new way of helping you level up your business in every aspect possible.

Do you feel your business needs that extra bit of expert advice to take you to your next goal? Unsure of how to build a social media following? Don’t know whether you should register as a sole trader or limited company?

This is why we’ve built a system to support all of your business and financial needs. You can spend up to an hour gaining guidance and advice from successful businessmen and women, as well as having access to our social media, legal and financial experts to answer your questions where necessary.

Every day you’ll invest in a food chain, your local shop, your gym… why not invest in something that will benefit YOU?

I can hear you asking, "Who are you to give business advice?"

Okay, we are not multi-millionaires, but I’m driving the same cars they do and sit around tables with them shaking hands. If you’ve read the business bible, you’ll remember I live by a saying, “whether you surround yourself with 5 millionaires or 5 idiots .. you’ll be the 6th. Make that choice VERY wisely.

So to answer your question, we are the people you need to give you the tools to reach the same level as the people you look up to.

Running my own company and gaining 7 incomes ranging from everyday details, running a training institute to an online education system and even a recovery company, I’ve seen it ALL! We’re the first detailing company to turn over £1,000,000, and I can teach you how. Whether you’re a detailer, make-up artist, personal trainer, I have the tools and knowledge to completely switch up your business and lifestyle in 1 phone call.

What can we help with?

  • Tailored Business Plans
  • Social Media Advice
  • Financial advice
  • Legal guidance
  • Motivation
  • Goals and mental health

The Detail

You will have as much time as you require to go through your full business plan, set your goals and tailor a structure to maximise your business in every aspect possible.

As well as upgrading your mindset, you will find that your personal goals feel much more achievable and more quickly too! We guarantee you will come away from this call with a fresh outlook and a fire beneath you, ready to level the fuck UP.


All payments will be taken upfront via email when booking in your power talk.
No refunds will be granted. However, we can rearrange the call, providing we are given 48 hours notice before the scheduled call time.
Any cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled call will not be eligible for refund, and rebooking will require full payment.

Ready to level up?

£65 for 30 minutes or £100 for an hour