Single training day:

This can be carried out at our luxury HQ, on a mobile basis in our equipped vans, or a combination of both, whatever best suits your businesses needs.

Firstly, we’ll start the day by completing a simple safe wash decontamination. My golden rule is… if you cannot safely wash a car, you definitely cannot take a polisher onto one.

From that, you then make a choice whether we delve deep into the interior or shut the doors over and prep for machine polishing before dinner time. On this day, we focus on the safe dual-action polishers, going through the best combinations to obtain the most effective results in a short space of time, helping you achieve speed and accuracy.

We will then talk through efficient protection products, sealants and waxes. You will then spend the rest of the day perfecting your new and improved washing, cleaning and polishing techniques into a viable business plan for you to move forward.

Are you a professional detailer already running a business? Does the above seem unnecessary for you? Maybe you have your own tailored needs that you can’t quite perfect, i.e., ceramic coating, wet sanding or rotary techniques. We can tailor a day to your unique businesses needs; just send an enquiry to to discuss what can be achieved in a day to best suit you.

Price: £499
(£100 deposit to book, which comes off the total on the day. See terms and conditions)