'The Infamous'
Deep Clean

This is the package that put Urban Valets on the map!

The deep clean does exactly what it says, leaves your pride and joy in a wow factor standard of deep glowing cleanliness!

You’ll be shocked when you see what this package achieves. Remember to discuss your follow up maintenance cleans.

This package takes 3-5 hours depending on vehicle size.

Please remember to read the terms and conditions before booking
Package Includes
  • Full back and front face wheel clean. arch, tyres and exhaust cleaned, left protected and coated with dressings
  • A pre wash/snow foam wash in preparation for intricate clean using detailing soft brush for gaps and edges. Then two bucket, two mitt with grit guard method.
  • Full liquid decontamination process, iron filings and tar and glue removal.
  • Car dried using luxury towels/air blower
  • Full clay barring process and IPA wipe down.
  • High grade wax/and or sealant applied (6 months protection).
  • Windows cleaned and water repellent sealant applied.
  • Tyres dressed
Then we move onto the interior
  • Full interior extraction and dust detail.
  • Full interior steam cleaning and disinfectant process carried out.
  • Carpets shampooed and extracted.
  • Leather professionally cleaned and protected.
  • Roof lining steam cleaned.
  • Boot and spare wheel bay cleaned.
  • All interior components deep cleaned and left protected (dash, doors, wheel etc).
  • Door shuts deep cleaned and protected. 
  • All interior windows cleaned.
  • Floor matts air compressed to remove ground in dirt and left with signature detailed designs or flush clean look.
  • Car is left with luxury desired scents or hanging air freshener.


Fiat 500 –
Fiesta 5 door



Audi A3 –
Audi A4



Range Rover Evoque – Mercedes S Class



Range Rover Sport – Transit Van


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