The master detail

Our highest level of detail, usually chosen by car show attending clients or barn find type vehicles.

This is literally a full week-long overhaul of a vehicle. Stripping whatever parts needed from the car to achieve the highest level of cleaning and detail possible.

Interior out and wheels off. Paintwork is sanded back (if we feel it’s needed), cut right to its depths, and refined right through the stages to achieve the most glass-like finish possible.

If you check out the @autofinesse youtube channel, you’ll be able to search and find historical details that the UBV team have played a part in. The level you see us perform on that video is the level of detail you’ll get with this option.

I have no sales pitch other than it’s a no holding back restoration detail!

Pricing starts at £1500 and shall be negotiated upon the vehicle itself.

To book a master detail