The UBV Experience

This package is for that neglected vehicle that just needs a bit of everything!

Our UBV Experience package is a fan favourite with our show prep clients and enthusiast car owners. As serious perfectionists in our trade, it’s the one we most enjoy to do. Nothing gives an Urban Valets staff member as much happiness as doing one of these packages!

We carry out or deep clean package, with the added benefits of an engine bay clean and protection. With close to 17 years in the trade, we can ensure your peace of mind and even talk you through the do’s and don’t’s of safe engine bay cleaning to make you, our paying client feel at ease in the knowledge that your vehicles in safe hands.

Once we’ve safely washed your wheels, engine bay and the vehicle itself, we prepare for a light machine polishing.
We don’t aim for a major correction. We focus on what’s important, what can be achieved within a days work to get the best results for the money.

Unquestionable gloss improvements will be made, making your pride and joy look a hell of a lot more impressive when the sun hits it!

We then follow up with a 1-2 year ceramic hard coating on paint, wheels and windows. The coating can be upgraded to 5 years for an added cost.

Please remember to read the terms and conditions before booking
Package Includes
In addition to
  • Engine bay deep clean and protection
  • Vehicle jacked up for complete arch clean and coating
  • Light glazing machine polish achieving high gloss levels on paint. Also trims and lights polished
  • Entry level ceramic paint work, wheels and windows coating applied.


Fiat 500 –
Fiesta 5 door



Audi A3 –
Audi A4



Range Rover Evoque – Mercedes S Class



Range Rover Sport – Transit Van


Optional Extras

Wheels off and arches


Engine Bay Steam Clean


Wheels Ceramic Coated


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