The UBV Experience

This package is an absolute show stopper!

Allow us to bring all our big guns in our highly equipped mobile detailing van, with our large artillery of equipment

In this package we will perform everything listed in our original deep clean package, but just before we protect the vehicle, we’ll add an enhancement machine polish removing light swirling and imperfections, and then lock this in with a 5 year ceramic coating.

This is the absolute most that can be done in a day and on a drive way!

This package normally takes 8-10 hours, depending on vehicle size, condition, and/or how many staff members we can have attend on the day.


Important: This is a non correctional machine polish service. For any scratch removal or deep scratches please see other packages.


  • Starting with a wheel, tyres arch and arch overhaul. This includes a thorough clean followed by iron, tar, and safe acid (where required) to remove the deepest of embedded dirt.
  • Engine bay steam-overhaul with decontamination and dressings.
  • To loosen and remove embedded road grime, before making washing contact, we add pre-wash chemicals and snow foams to the body of the vehicle.
  • Two bucket safe wash method. Intricate areas safely cleaned and tended to.
  • 4-stage decontamination is carried out removing iron, tar, water spots, and then a clay bar process to open the pours of the paint in preparation for machine polishing.
  • Windows polished to prep for window coatings.
  • Vehicle is dried-off using hot air blowers and soft plush towels.
Please remember to read the terms and conditions before booking


  • Full interior hoover, extracting all dust and debris.
  • Full interior steam clean and disinfection process.
  • Carpets and mats air compressed followed by wet hoover extraction process.
  • Leather deep cleaned, conditioned and protected with high grade leather ceramic coating.
  • All interior components and carpets protected from stains and UV rays.
  • Door shuts/door edges deep cleaned and waxed.
  • All interior windows deep cleaned.


  • We start with a light cut enhancement polish that will remove a large percentage of paint swirling and defects. Making sure your car glows on the driveway.
  • 7 year ceramic coating applied
  • 2 year wheel coating applied.
  • 2 year window coating applied.


Fiat 500 –
Fiesta 5 door

£400 +VAT


Audi A3 –
Audi A4

£425 + VAT


Range Rover Evoque – Mercedes S Class

£450 + VAT


Range Rover Sport – Transit Van

£475 + VAT

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