Mobile detailer? Studio based detailer? Great, we offer both!

Valeting and detailing may sound like a great job, especially if you enjoy cleaning your own car… but a career in valeting and detailing takes so much more than a Sunday off work and some enthusiasm.

All too often, hobbyists and enthusiast jump headfirst, investing money into a career but not taking into account the less obvious overheads and bills that come with it… making a profit feels virtually impossible.

Sound familiar? Keep reading… I will teach you how to be the best you can be whilst building an actual business and making some real money.

Who am I to even be teaching you? Glad you didn’t ask… we are listed as the highest-earning and one of the most skilled car detailers in the country at this moment in time.

We were the first-ever Auto Finesse accredited detailers. We now also source and accredit other detailers for the brand, as well as our own.

We’ve played a massive part in all the historical documented details for the brand, and we were present on the first ever live detail.

We are also trade association approved and accredited and rupes master operators.

Deep Cleaning Training

Let us teach you how to deep clean the exterior and interior of a vehicle. This can be done at our luxury studio, or on a mobile basis.

Price: £175
(£20 deposit to book, which comes off the total on the day. See terms and conditions)

Single training day:

Starting with basic safe washing and decontamination, moving onto the interior and exterior work. We then delve into dual action polishers and their uses in-depth. Running a business yourself? Let’s chat about money and business plans to best maximize your needs to move forward within the industry.

Have a burning question? This is your day. Fire away! You’re welcome to dig deep into what products we use, check out our vans and come and experience first hand how UBV is run.

Price: £499
(£100 deposit to book, which comes off the total on the day. See terms and conditions)

3 day masterclass:

Designed for those who have maybe set up in business or are thinking of taking the plunge, but can’t quite win yet! You’re on the right path, you’ve got the ambition… but let team UBV face you in the right direction and help you walk forward.

Over the 3 days, we go deeper into wash stages, incorporating time-saving methods into everything we do to maximize your profit. You’ve heard of time is money? It definitely applies in this sort of manual work!

Let’s lift up the bonnets, take some wheels off, get the rotary polishers and sanders out, undo the bottles of hard ceramic coating and make you into a detailer of domination!

Price: £1,499
(£100 deposit to book, which comes off the total on the day. See terms and conditions)

The 5 day masterclass!

The ultimate training package

This is the best I offer! I can cover almost everything you need within this time given.. depending on how fast you grasp it, but we respect everyone is different and we will always work at your own pace.

You will learn:

  • Safe washing
  • Decontamination
  • Wheel deep cleaning
  • Wheel and arch deep cleaning
  • Safe jacking points and wheel removal
  • Safe parts removal
  • Engine bay washing
  • Engine bay steam cleaning
  • New engine bays
  • Vintage engine bays
  • Preporation for machine polishing
  • Rotary polishing
  • Forced rotation polishing
  • Dual action polishing
  • Nano polishing
  • Wet sanding
  • Dry sanding
  • Scratch removal
  • Scratch infills and sanding
  • Paint depth readings
  • Applications of wax and sealants
  • Ceramic coatings
  • All products needed to run a business
  • Referals to suppliers for trade accounts and discounts
  • Single stage paint
  • Pad combinations
  • All valeting deep cleaning
  • Pet hair removal
  • Soft top cleaning
  • Motorbike detailing
  • Business plans and money

Price: £2,499
(£200 deposit to book, which comes off the total on the day. See terms and conditions)