Master The Foundations

Before we became known for multi-stage details in a fully stocked HQ, it was valeting that we were known and loved for.

We called it the deep clean, the good old’ full valet.

And now, we will teach you how to do it…

Are you itching to use a polisher? Rather skip this and get straight into detailing?

Forget it… if you cant wash a car, and I mean properly deep clean a car, following all of the fundamentals, then you definitely can’t detail one.

Join us for a day of valeting at the UBV HQ, or head out in one of our fully equipped mobile vehicles and learn the art of valeting!

What will you learn on a valeting training day?
  • Safe wash process
  • 5 stage decontamination process in order to achieve maximum fresh paint with unlocked pours, in preparation for machine polishing
  • Wheel washing and decontamination
  • Safe engine bay cleaning and dressing
  • Water spotting, exterior window deep cleaning and intricate area cleaning
  • Correct drying methods
  • Interior extraction
  • Steam cleaning
  • Wet hoovering
  • Roof lining cleaning
  • Streak free interior windows
  • Air compressor tools
  • Dog hair removal
  • Chewing gum removal
  • Sealants and waxing
  • Mould
  • Sick
  • and much more…

We can always find the perfect test car for your training day through our extensive contacts and clientele.

There’s no substitute for real-life situations, so you’ll see the UBV team face genuine obstacles and learn how we overcome them.

As your training progresses, your instructor will pass on sales tactics, business upselling tricks and speed tips to ensure you become a faster, more efficient and more profitable valeter! 

Throughout the day, you’ll capture pictures and videos to go away with some ready-made content, specifically for your social media. We’ll never share your images without your permission. 

9am til 4
£299.99 +VAT

A deposit of £10 is required to secure any booking and will be taken off the total on the day. No booking is secure without deposit.

Important: Please read terms and conditions by clicking here.

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Booking can be made via email by clicking the button, you can message our main social media page @urbanvalets or book by calling the HQ direct 01744 815 998