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The birthplace of multiple six figure detailers

We have no sales pitch for you with this course…

Other than the fact we can provide you with a list of over 100 detailers who took this course, and now make 6+ figures a year. 

We could sit and tell you about all our achievements, worldwide newspaper and magazine features, luxury vehicles and items we have purchased over the years thanks to our highly successful detailing career, but lets be honest, its about what we can do for you!

So try me, send us a message on social media @urbanvalets, and our team would be more than happy to refer you to real people, with real results, that you can ask for yourself.

Professional car detailing is a rapidly growing industry, and now is the time to get involved and work towards your own success.

What you'll learn over the 5 days

  • How to correctly remove, clean and decontaminate exterior parts. wheels, arches, trims, etc
  • Correct and safe engine bay cleaning
  • All things decontamination, what, how and why we do it
  • Clay barring
  • How to spot smart repairs, and check paint measurements
  • Dual action polishers, cut and refining, and combination chasing methods
  • Intricate machine polishing, including door handles, small parts and interiors
  • Headlight restoration
  • Rotary cut, refine, and edge-work
  • All forms of sanding, dry and wet. Intricate scratch removal, and deep scratch filling
  • Learning to identify all types of paint defects. Holograms, bad prep, hazing, sanding marks, and much more
  • Burning paint, how to spot it so it never happens
  • All forms of protection. Ceramic, waxes, and sealants, on all components of the car
  • Gloss black pillar cut and refine work
  • You will use every relevant machine polisher on the market, and push them to their limits
  • Interior overhauling, steam cleaning, extracting, and learning how to deal with any situation
  • Interior coatings and protection

It’s all well and good teaching you everything about detailing, with our team of master detailers, in our highly equipped studio that has the best tools and machinery the industry has ever seen, but I suppose others could also offer this (to an extent). What sets us apart, is our achievements, our business and marketing tactics, and our knowledge of easy and free ways to stand out from the crowd and make yourself the money you deserve as a detailer.

Well teach you how to master

  • Client communication with real life roleplay situations
  • Getting your feet down in your local area, and becoming known as the only choice
  • A full social media take over plan
  • A crash course on social media content creation
  • Package building and pricing structures
  • Logos and art work pack
  • Branding and name choices help that work for you
  • Money management, company setup and accounting referral
  • Networking and event planning
  • Unlimited access to our online training platform, for life, with unlimited aftercare features
  • Direct whatsapp contact and guidance from us, for life

Then on your final afternoon, you will go out in the car with our team and be taught how to actually gain work and sell yourself to real life people. You will learn how to make money from the get go, and leave the course with a dedicated plan on how to plant seeds and make yourself money, every single day.

Also, while you are down here for 5 days straight, enjoy the option of an evening meal with us, and on us, as we share the ups and downs of our detailing career, passing on over 2 decades of experiences.

Duration: 5 days, 9-5 each day.

£3,195+ vat

Book now with a £200+vat Deposit! 

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