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Big Skills + Big Corrections = Big Money. We’ll get you there!

To make thousands as a detailer, you’ve got to be able to perform and sell services that add up to thousands. Being able to handle bigger corrections, sanding details, deep scratch removal and texture removal details is a must. 

Not only that, but it’s reaching that higher end of clientele, and appealing to the top 0.1 percent of people who want the best, and will pay for it.

If all of the above sounds like something you would want, then invest in yourself, and elevate from a simple enthusiast to a high end correction detailer with us, at our studio.

What you'll learn over the 3 days

  • How to correctly remove, clean and decontaminate wheels, arches, trims and vehicle parts
  • Correct and safe engine bay cleaning
  • All things decontamination, what, how and why we do it
  • How to spot smart repairs, and check paint measurements
  • Dual action polishers, cut and refining, and combination chasing methods
  • Intricate machine polishing, including door handles, small parts and interiors
  • Rotary cut, refine, and edge-work
  • All forms of sanding, dry and wet. Intricate scratch removal, and deep scratch filling
  • How to identify all types of paint defects; Holograms, bad prep, hazing, sanding marks, and much more
  • Burning paint, how to spot it before it ever happens
  • All forms of protection. Ceramic, waxes, and sealants
  • Gloss black pillar cut and refine work
  • You will use every relevant machine polisher on the market, push them to their limits, and decide what’s right for you before you buy
  • Interior overhauling, steam cleaning, extracting, and interior coatings and protection
  • Sales tactics and customer communication on how to sell bigger services from the get go

Duration: 3 days, 9-5 each day.

£1,499 + vat

Book now with a £200+vat Deposit! 

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