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There’s a small amount of people who require a detail of this magnitude. They would have an extremely scratched vehicle, an extremely rare vehicle, or just be an absolute perfectionist with an eye for the finer details.

Let’s say your car has been through bushes and off-roading, or has been in storage for a long period of time, scratched or vandalised, then it would require much more work than machine polishing alone. 

Or maybe you’re a perfectionist who doesn’t like the orange peel / textured paint finish that some modern cars come from factory with, and you want that galaxy like, deep sparkling finish. This ones for you!

What's Included

  • Wheels thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated
  • Engine bay overhaul and refresh
  • Intricate safe wash and decontamination procedure
  • Clay bar process.
  • Vehicle masked up to protect rubbers
  • Multiple stages of wet and dry sanding, using palm and hand sanding methods, various different grits, to gain a desired result
  • Heavy cutting machine polishing stages to remove all sanding marks
  • Multiple stages of refining / enhancing machine polishing stages for intense gloss
  • Glass machine polished
  • Wheel faces and barrels machine polished
  • Exhaust tips and back boxes machine polished
  • @performanceppl 10 year 10H coating applied to all exterior surfaces

This package can take 5-7 days depending on vehicle size and condition.

Please remember to read the terms and conditions before booking

Pricing & Online Booking

Important! Paying online does not guarantee your booking for a specific date. If you have a specific day or date in mind, you must secure the date with us by filling in the form below, before you pay a deposit or pay in full.

The date is ONLY secured once we have confirmed via email.


Fiat 500 – Audi A1

£900 + vat

Book now with a £90+vat Deposit! 

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Audi A3 – Audi A4

£1,050 + vat

Book now with a £105+vat Deposit! 

Pay DepositPay in Full


Range Rover Evoque – Mercedes S Class

£1,200 + vat

Book now with a £120+vat Deposit! 

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Extra Large

Range Rover Sport – Transit Van

£1,350 + vat

Book now with a £135+vat Deposit! 

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Fancy a deep clean add on?

For a reduced price of £150 + vat, have your interior fully cleansed and coated, matching your now glowing paintwork

Simply let us know when you book, and pay on the day of your service.

Booking Enquiry Form

Full in this form to inform us of your preferred booking date. A member of our team will get back to you ASAP