One of the most dominant detailing companies in the UK

And we have been for many years…

We’re not just to clean cars,

we’re here to change the game

With over 18 years experience in luxury car care, we’ve combined our knowledge and ambition with relentless drive for innovation to expand into new areas.

And whenever we put our name to something; it’s a promise of excellence.

So where are we now?

The UBV HQ Training Centre

We’ve welcomed trainees from all over the globe at our education centre, helping them turn a passion into a profession, and more importantly, a thriving income. 

We’ve got every single piece of polishing, depth reading, heating and lighting equipment worth having, and we teach our trainees to use every one of them to their full potential.

An Unrivalled Online Platform

We’ve built a leading platform for detailers of all levels. Our online training can unlock full access to our dedicated team of detailers and social media marketing experts.

Our subscription packages offer everything from videos updated weekly, 24/7 on-demand support, to direct access to the UBV team via WhatsApp for personalised mentoring and business guidance.

We’ve Launched Performance PPL

Our product brand, inspired & formulated by detailers, for detailers, including our industry leading 7 year ceramic coating.

Again, these have been shipped worldwide, with distributors in multiple continents.

Making Headlines – UBV in the Press

We’re not just known by our clients and trainees; we’ve been recognised in the press for setting new industry standards.

Featured in CEO Weekly, Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo, and the Daily Mail, our journey from modest beginnings to becoming the UK’s highest-earning car valeter and detailer is our founding story of relentless ambition and unparalleled expertise.

As Featured In

 Fall Back in Love with the Detail. 

 Fall Back in Love with the Detail. 

 Fall Back in Love with the Detail. 

 Fall Back in Love with the Detail. 

 Fall Back in Love with the Detail. 

 Fall Back in Love with the Detail. 

Want your car to be cleaned at a time and location that is convenient for you?

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