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Supercharge your detailing career

The Side Hustle Guide

Maximise Your Skillset  To Multiply Your Income

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How to make £100k a year

Learn the mindset and methods to win, no matter what industry you’re in!

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A guide on how to master social media

Maximise the potential of social media to boost your business success

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Safely clean a superbike

An easy to follow, step by step guide to safely cleaning a high powered, two wheeled machine.

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How to build a valeting van

A step by step guide to building a valeting van that is cost effective, efficient and well branded.

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Safe Wash Guide

A hobbyist guide to the professional detailers safe wash

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Machine Polishing

Learn how to remove up to 90% of swirls from paintwork, without causing defects!

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The Checklist

A 55 page step-by-step high level detail. The closest thing to training with UBV

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The Business Bible

11 tried and tested business plans + exclusive interviews

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