Get ready to Level Up!

If someone offered to give you £1,000 for a days work, would you take it? Of course you would. If you want that to become a reality, why are you not offering deep scratch removal and sanding?

The course for ambitious individuals

Are you ready to level up and master the use of pro-grade equipment? On this course you’ll master deep scratch removal and filling of scratches, hard 10h ceramic coatings, and get yourself ready to tackle much more ‘rotary ONLY’ hardcore situations.

Because of the nature of the tools that you’ll be using, light and heat sources needed, this training can only be completed at our HQ.

Throughout the day, you will learn:
  • Starting with how to identify all types of paint issues, swirls, holograms, fine scratches, scrapes, paint repairs, filler repairs, and other potential dangers you may face as a detailer that could dampen your career and results.
  • You’ll be introduced to multi depth paint readers, paint depth measuring devices, and you’ll learn the correct approach on the numbers you receive.
  • We’ll start with all types of polishing machines. Dual action, forced rotation, rotary and nano machines.
  • We will hand sand scratches, using wet and dry methods.
  • We will use palm sanders, and various grades of discs, showcasing to you situations in which you’d use this and why.
  • You’ll then get the opportunity to push all the above to the max, as we set up test panels on stands for you to purposely burn through paint and cause damage. Showcasing what actually is the worst thing that can happen, and how it’s done, in turn building confidence and abolishing any detailing fears.
  • After a break, we’ll then put it all into practise on a real life vehicle. Taking turns with your instructor as you both tackle real situations on a car.
  • To end the day we’ll go through ceramic coatings, allowing to you coat panels, and then even learn how to remove it safely if the worst should happen.

This course will help you build a very profitable skill set, and as we go on through the day we’ll also teach you how to market yourself and sell your new found skills.

8.30am – 6pm
£899 +VAT

A deposit of £100 is required to secure any booking and will be taken off the total on the day. No booking is secure without deposit.

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