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I’ve created three subscription packages, all designed to help you level up, no matter where you are at on your journey now.

We’ve got you covered whether you are a weekend warrior, aspiring but unconfident detailer, or a business builder who’s serious about levelling up.

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Get a bespoke business plan, developed together and delivered one-to-one when you first join via call. The plan is kept up-to-date, and you are kept accountable, to make sure you stay on track with your monthly business goals. 

You can request as many custom training videos as you’d like, that’s personal to you, and seen by no one else.

Gain unlimited access to our industry contacts.

Kranzle needs a service? Polishers broke? Van needs an engine? Insurance quotes becoming a problem? Help with legal issues regarding clients not paying etc? Is another detailer slandering your business for financial gain? Is your accountant costing you more than they’re saving you? We’ve been there, and we’ve got a person for it all. We will personally take the stress away and make sure your business grows smoothly. With two decades of industry experience, we have a contact for everything.

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Why Are We Doing This

We strongly believe that a massive problem within the detailing industry, and why it's still so niche and doesn't grow as quickly as other industries, is the fact that no one treats it as a serious career!

Let's be honest, you love doing it, and no doubt you're a natural perfectionist, but none of that matters unless you also know how to sell what you do!

We've found the perfect balance of passion, dedication, and money-making as a team!

The detailing industry is stuck in its ways. Up and comers are reliant on YouTube, seeing it as the gospel truth for detailing knowledge, when in reality, it's full of past-their-sell-by-date detailers who've got too much time on their hands. Or, of course, product manufacturers who claim to be offering education when they're just trying to sell you an "easy to use" product.

Think about it, why have these detailers got time to make videos? When do they find the time if they're successful and have clients flooding in? And why are all these product suppliers driving supercars, building show cars, and generally living a lavish lifestyle?

Why Believe Us

We've done it all, from show cars to supercars. We've travelled to every corner of the UK in our mobile setups, and we've had trainees come to us from every corner of the globe. With guests visiting our HQ from America, Spain, Germany, the Shetland Islands, Ireland, France, and Albania!

We've been one of the most dominant detailing companies in the UK for many years!

Don't believe us? Google us. We are published as the highest-earning and most successful detailer in the UK by the regional and national press, such as the Mirror and Liverpool Echo. We've been featured in Birmingham, Manchester and Essex papers.

Still unsure? Check out our Instagram profile @urbanvalets, scroll down the posts, and see if what I say matches what I do.
As a thriving family-run company, we plan to do so much more, but we want to take YOU with us.