At Urban Valets, we do things differently.

We don’t just clean cars, we detail them

We offer results-driven packages that promise to achieve a high level of perfection for your pride and joy! Taking it to a fully decontaminated, protected and impeccable level of cleanliness as a ground base for the first meet!

Then to follow up, we offer fortnightly or  monthly follow up maintenance cleans to ensure you’re vehicle stays at the urban valets level of perfection!

Maintenance cleans are tailored to you as a client and your vehicle.

Fundamental Cleanse

This is our most simple yet effective clean to sanitise, tidy and leave your car deodorised. It is nothing more or less than a good thorough clean! Something everybody fundamentally needs.

Original Deep Clean

The original deep clean does exactly what it says, leaves your pride and joy in a wow factor standard of deep glowing cleanliness!

Lease Return Valet

This is a straight to the point package, ideal for anyone returning a lease car to avoid added costs at the end of your lease deal!

UBV Experience

This package is for that neglected vehicle that just needs a bit of everything!

Enhancement Detail

Our entry level paint detail, for the clients that either use their car daily, and can’t commit to a larger detail.

Maintenance Scheme

We offer a maintenance package, so you can keep that showroom standard finish, month to month.

Have you already had your vehicle cleaned by UBV?