At Urban Valets, we do things differently.

We don’t just clean cars, we detail them

We offer results-driven packages that promise to achieve a high level of perfection for your pride and joy! Taking it to a fully decontaminated, protected and impeccable level of cleanliness as a ground base for the first meet!

Then to follow up, we offer fortnightly or  monthly follow up maintenance cleans to ensure you’re vehicle stays at the urban valets level of perfection!

Maintenance cleans are tailored to you as a client and your vehicle.

The Infamous Deep Clean

The deep clean does exactly what it says, leaves your pride and joy in a wow factor standard of deep glowing cleanliness!

The ‘Full Days’ Work

This package is for the vehicle that just needs that bit of everything to bring it back to life.

Winter / New car Protection

Giving the vehicle 2-3 years added protection and self cleaning properties.

Wheels off, engine bay and exterior overhaul

This package is designed as an exterior overhaul deep clean, with no stone left unturned!

Have you already had your vehicle cleaned by UBV?